Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Travel and vacations allow us to take a break from our everyday grind. 

But, our fun and games come at a great cost to the planet. Our carbon footprint during this time is a significant source of environmental destruction. Whether it is the Co2 emissions from our flights or the disposable water bottles that seem so convenient on the go our travels do add to the crisis.

It is of course heartless and unrealistic to ask people to not travel to avoid this. But with sustainable travel practices, you can enjoy your vacations without the guilt of wrecking our planet. 

The goal of sustainable travel is to minimize our carbon footprint during our travel, stay, and activities. And here are five ideas to make your next travel and vacation green -

  1. Choose a green destination - While planning itself, opt for countries and cities that have initiatives to protect their environment rather than exploiting it. You can check out the Global green economy index to know where your destination falls in terms of environmental protection.
  2. Travel green - Avoid frequent changeovers during air travel as landings and takeoffs are big fuel guzzlers. Pick an airport that boasts of green credentials or airlines that offset carbon emissions. For local travel, opt for public transport. If you are hiring a car, pick an electrical one or a fuel-efficient one. 
  3. Choose green activities - Avoid activities that are fossil fuel-intensive. Instead, choose walking or cycling tours of the cities you are visiting. Or go for a hike in the mountains. Avoid activities like cruise ships and theme parks which not only burn a lot of fossil fuels but also adds harmful pollutants to the water.
  4. Green Consumption - Just because you are on a vacation, don't take a break from your everyday green habits. If you can not find green products at your destination, find an online site from which you can get sustainable everyday supplies delivered ahead of where you are staying. This way your vacation can be eco-friendly without you having to carry a lot of luggage.
  5. Carbon offsetting - is an option to neutralize the carbon footprint of your entire vacation by donating to organizations that are engaged in sustainability initiatives like afforestation, renewable energy, and recycling. Companies such as Carbon neutral and Carbon fund can help you even find organizations at your travel destination to make these offsets.

About the Author

Shrilaxmi is a sustainable living enthusiast with experience of working in social impact, conservation, climate change, and healthcare. 


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