Our Vision & Mission

Our vision at My Eco Souk is Zero Waste Generation and to set in motion a Circular Economy which benefits everyone, including mother nature!

We are on a mission to offer Affordable Sustainable Alternatives for any buying need to generate less waste and more memories.

Our Journey

My Eco Souk is a continuation of an initiative that began in January, 2021. After the founders at Sprucedupforkids, realized how their kid’s unused toys were just cluttering up the house! The amount of waste, specifically plastic waste, this phenomenon was generating, not only at their homes but perhaps universally, was the key concern that kick started Sprucedupforkids. The website was launched in May of the same year and functioned as a platform for customers to buy and sell preloved products, mainly books and toys, for children. It was a small step
towards the magnanimous task of “sprucing up” the planet for our kids.

Acknowledged by media houses like Gulf News, Talk 100.3 UAE and Hit 96.7 FM, Sprucedupforkids has been the foundation for My Eco Souk. Now expanding into a family store that caters to all age groups and offers books, clothes, cutlery, toys and much more. My Eco Souk is an environmentally friendly concept, a sort of circulation economy wherein all customers can participate in a sustainable cycle of love.

A souk for environment conscious buyers and sellers to interact, our new team aspires to create a keener and greener lifestyle for all our customers and encourage them to live with a lot more awareness and a lot less guilt! We believe in generating less waste and more memories with our advent.

My Eco Souk is a platform that will offer you a gateway into an alternative, sustainable lifestyle. Through our circulation of Eco-Friendly/Organic and Preloved products, we hope to set in motion an ideology that will enable us to make this planet a little more hospitable for all our generations to come.

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