Got some spare toys and tomes that you wish to be rid of? Send them our way!

Toys are the backbone of a plastic heavy industry that generates a large amount of waste. Kids often outgrow them rather fast, leaving perfectly good toys to be thrown away. When in reality, they can be passed around and used for a rather long time given the longevity of plastic. Books too can be read and shared with those who have a passion for stories.

At Myecosouk you can partake in sharing preloved items in a cycle that brings joy to multiple families including your own. Your contribution will add to an eclectic range of toys and books from across the globe that will aid in the happiness of many children.

Our Responsibility

We take up the responsibility of getting them, unscathed, to those who could make brand new memories with your kindness and rid you of the guilt of polluting our environment. We reuse every bit of your package. Even the box you use to package the material can be used for storage!

Currently we accept Toys, Clothes, Accessories and Books. We appeal to you to consider the condition of the items that your are sending our way. If the preloved items are not in the condition to be further used then we request you to consider other methods for disposal of the same.


1. Satisfaction of reducing your carbon footprint. When a customer buys a preloved book given by you it is equivalent of saving 0.5 liters of gasoline equivalent of 2.5 liters of water.

2. A part of your preloved items will be given to the various charities/preloved sellers who are working towards making planet more sustainable and hospitable. Our Partners:

Hope Amel

Thrift for Good

Yalla Kids!

Secondhand Chance Essentials

3. For every preloved package that you give, you get a My Eco Souk gift card of AED 10 which can be used for purchasing products from our store! Please fill the form below or whatsapp us.

4. We will provide free pickup in Dubai. The pickup will be done once we have multiple pickups to collect in Dubai.

For all other emirates in UAE it will be paid pickup.

The items can also be dropped at the following locations in Dubai:

Jumeirah Lake Towers, Cluster E

Dubai Investment Park

Please whatsapp us to know the full address.

Let's keep in touch!

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