We are currently looking for volunteers in the following profiles:

Products Collection

We need volunteers who can help us in collecting various toys, books and clothes given by various people across UAE. The Toy Industry is one of the highest plastic waste industry and is very difficult to resell as it requires lot of sorting and checking the condition of the toys. Apart from keeping the packages we also require volunteers that could inspect them and report back to us on the quality of the package, specifically for preloved items.

The volunteers could act as hotspots for a particular zone and receive all the deliveries from the said area and drop them off to My Eco Souk on a mutually agreed date. 

Data Entry

The Volunteers are required to add the data about the products in an excel.

The volunteers are also occasionally required to take vivid photographs of the items so as to post on our website and other social media accounts for the customers to see.


1. The volunteers will be given a percentage of sales. It can vary from 10-25% based on the work.

2. The volunteers will be given a certificate by us for their work. 

3. Opportunity to work in a startup and learn about various aspects of business.

4. Satisfaction of doing something for the planet

Contact Us

If this sounds interesting, please reach us:

1. info@myecosouk.com

2. Whatsapp +971545055592

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