A Friend for Little Bear by Harry Horse

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32 pages

Book Description
Little Bear lives all alone on a desert island. He wishes he had something to play with. Then a stick comes floating by, followed by a bottle and then a wooden horse. The two play together and have a wonderful time. Then lots more things come floating by and Little Bear decides he needs them all. Soon the tiny island is heaped with objects and the wooden horse gets pushed off into the sea. Meanwhile Little Bear has found what he has been looking for from the beginning, a cup. "Watch me!" he cries as he pours water out of the bottle into his new cup. But there is no one there. Little Bear is very upset: what he really needs, he realizes, isn't a cup, it's his friend. Little Bear throws all the objects back into the sea and sits down and cries. But then, happily, the wooden horse is washed back onto the sand and the two friends, reunited, dance for joy.

Harry Horse started writing children's books in 1983 and, a year later, was named Scottish Writer of the Year. He has been the political cartoonist for Scotland on Sunday, The Independent, The Observer and the New Yorker. His books include Higglety Pigglety Pop and Other Funny Poems, Jack and the Beanstalk Story Play and a Walker Maths Together title called Abu Ali Counts His Donkeys. A Friend for Little Bear is based on his beachcomber days in Scotland and observations of the behaviour of his young nephew Lewis.

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