A Sweet Addiction

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Charlotte Lamb
Silhouette Books


221 Pages

Book Description
Love on the rebound?

Sophie Watson had been abandoned by the man she loved. But she was determined not to allow the rejection to be the springboard for falling in love again--especially not with a man like Guy Faulkner.

Not that Guy wasn't nice enough. But the Sentinel's brilliant lawyer was her boss and Sophie knew firsthand that Guy was driven, that he was totally consumed by his job. It was just that recently he'd been sending her mixed messages.

The same could be said of Gina Tyrrell--who was becoming increasingly confused over her feelings for Nick Caspian. One minute she desired him and the next, she despised the very thought of the man. But no matter how she treated Nick, he just wouldn't go away .. . .

Barbary Wharf is home to more than a newspaper. It's home to a group of men and women whose careers--and passions--are intertwined ..

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