Astrosaurs by Steve Cole

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67 pages

Book Description
Captain Teggs is no ordinary dinosaur - he's an astrosaur! On the incredible spaceship DSS Sauropod, along with his faithful crew, Gypsy, Arx and Iggy, Teggs rights wrongs, fights evil and eats a lot of grass!
The astrosaurs have picked up a distress call from an unmarked spaceship near the Carnivore Zone. It seems to be empty. Teggs and Gipsy go across to investigate - all they find is a royal crown and various bits of regalia - marked with the crest of carnivores. Arx warns them that a huge ship is approaching. A bunch of terrifying T. rexes enter the ship! There's an exciting chase as Teggs and Gipsy try to get away, but they are trapped. These T. rexes belong to the Royal Guard - and accuse the astrosaurs of stealing the Crown Jewels of King Rex-Rex! Can the astrosaurs clear their name and save themselves from the T.rexes?

Steve Cole Born in 1971, Steve Cole spent a happy childhood in rural Bedfordshire being loud and aspiring to amuse. He liked books, and so went to the University of East Anglia to read more of them. Later on he started writing them too, with titles ranging from pre-school poetry to Young Adult thrillers (with more TV and film tie-ins than he cares to admit to along the way). In other careers he has been the editor of Noddy magazine, the voice of a Dalek and an editor of fiction and nonfiction book titles for various publishers.

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