Barbie Princess Charm School

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Little Kids-Illustrated Books



48 pages

Book Description
Barbie stars as Blair Willows, a kind-hearted girl who is chosen to attend Princess Charm School. Blair loves her classes -- as well as the helpful magical sprites and her new friends. When Blair and her friends discover that Blair looks a lot like the kingdom's missing princess, they work together to find an enchanted crown and prove Blair's true identity in this charming and magical princess story!

ELISEALLENis a vibrant new voice in teen fiction. "Populazzi" is her first book for young adults. She has written for children's television and film and is co-writing Hilary Duff's first novel for teens, "Elixir. "She lives with her family in sunny Southern California. --?? ??????? ?? ???????? kindle_edition ????? ?? ?????? ??.

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