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Cleaning has never been so simple and sustainable!

DUTYBOX is the innovative concept of highly concentrated household chemicals that come in 50 ml capsules.

One capsule replaces a whole bottle of a similar mass market product.

Simply dilute the concentrate in a bottle of water and use. You will get a 500 ml of the finished product from a 50 ml capsule.

We have created 11 unique concentrates to make your home sparkle and shine!

The box is created to last for 6 months consumption for the family of four!

DUTYBOX is the Eco-Friendly Product to protect our Planet. Smaller recyclable capsules reduce manufacturing and logistics resources, minimize waste in landfills.

Enjoy effective cleaning products packed in a handy box with refills to last you for a minimum of 6 months and minimize the plastic waste up to 95%!

DUTYBOX Starter Set is the complete solution for your home care that consists of:

Foaming Hand Soap Set (a pump bottle + 2 capsule refills), Raspberry Yogurt
Bathroom Cleaner Set (a spray bottle + 2 capsule refills);
Aroma Air Freshener (a spray bottle + 2 capsule refills), Ripe Mango;
Glass Windows & Mirrors Cleaner Set (a spray bottle + 2 capsule refills);
Floor Cleaner Set (a bottle + 2 capsule refills);
Dishes Dishwashing Foam Set (a pump bottle + 2 capsule refills);
Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser Set (a spray bottle + 2 capsule refills);
Interior All-Purpose Cleaner Set (a spray bottle + 2 capsule refills);
Now it’s the time to start saving and say good-bye to the single-use plastics and save lots of space in your kitchen cabinets!

*All the products can be purchased separately.

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