Bijou, Bonbon & Beau (The Kittens who danced for degas)

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Toddlers-Picture Story Books

Joan Sweeney


32 pages

Book Description
On a cold dark night, a mama cat seeks shelter for her newborn kittens in a Parisian theater known for its ballet and for the famous artist who comes there to sketch. While the ballerinas practice, Bijou, Bonbon and Beau make themselves right at home to the delight of the dancers as well as the artist who quietly sketches them. Oh, the mischief they get into! They chase the ballerinas, sleep in their toeshoes, and frolick amongst their tutus. Until finally, the irritable stage manager threatens to throw the mischevious little trio back onto the street. But, on opening night, it is Bijou, Bonbon and Beau who steal the show.
Beautiful pastel illustrations capture the spirit of Degas, and a surprise gatefold reproduction introduces readers to an actual Degas painting. A short bio on the artist is also included making this both a captivating story and an enchanting introduction to impressionist art that will appeal to cat-lovers, art afficionados, and ballerinas of all ages!

Joan Sweeney was bom and grew up in Toledo, Ohio. Her most fond memories as a child are walking through the Museum of Art galleries and attending Saturday art classes. This is her first children's book.

Leslie Wu graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology. She lives in New York with her husband and daughter and this is her first book for children.

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