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Size S – approx. 8” X 10”
These bags are made from pure cotton and are used for carrying the produce like vegetables, fruits, nuts, pulses, spices etc. from super markets to your homes.

1.These bags are completely durable and eco-friendly. These bags safely replace the plastic produce bags currently used i.e. to weigh the items in, get them barcoded and also scan them over the exit counters.
2. The bags can be stored as is in the refrigerator too. They are easy to maintain and can be machine washed after use.
3. The added advantage is that they keep the vegetables and other items that are stored in it in fresher condition, as they allow air to pass through them and moisture to escape.
4. These cotton bags (after many years) whenever they will need to be disposed, will decompose completely and mix with the soil as cotton is a biodegradable material.

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