Do Bugs have Buttoms- Flip Over Book

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55-59 pages

Book Description
Combining two fantastic authors this brilliant flip-book will satisfy on both sides. Glenn Murphy's very funny question and answer book will solve some of life's great unknowns: what are scabs for and is it OK to pick them? How loud can you burp? Could we use animal poo in power stations to make electricity? And of course, do bugs have bottoms? Endorsed and checked by the Science Museum. Then flip over and let Jiggy McCue show you what really happened at the dawn of mankind in this fantastically funny caveman caper. Jiggy should have known a school trip to the Museum of Natural History with the class dimwit, Eejit Atkins, wouldn't go to plan. But when he and Eejit end up travelling back in time to primitive earth, things get a whole lot more bizarre...

Before moving to the US in 2007, Glenn Murphy worked at the Science Museum, recruiting, training and overseeing the management of the 75-strong team of dynamic, bubbly science communicators who perform shows and interact with the public on the galleries. He now lives in North Carolina with his wife. Michael Lawrence has been a graphic designer, photographer, copywriter, press officer (for a circus!), and an antiques dealer. His first published book appeared in 1995 and since then he has built up a reputation writing for children of all ages, including picture books, young readers, series, and teenage fiction. He also writes for radio. Michael lives in Honiton, in Devon.

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