Dubai Tales A Collection of Short Stories by Mohamed Al Murr

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Mohamed Al Murr - Motivate Publishing


170 pages

Book Description
Life is always full of the unexpected and the surprising. This is the secret of many successful short stories, and Muhammad al Murr is the impresario of surprise. Every one of his stories has a sharp sting in the tail. And the comic predicaments of his characters are all the more acute because their lives are caught between the conflicting claims of modernism and tradition – nowhere more intense than in the newly oil-rich states of the Gulf

Mohammad Ahmad Mohammad Al Murr Al Falasi (born 1955 in Dubai) is a short-story writer from the United Arab Emirates.

He has published over 15 volumes of short stories and has had two collections translated into English: Dubai Tales and The Wink of the Mona Lisa.

Al Murr graduated from Syracuse University in the United States, and has been a member of a number of UAE academic institutions and councils. He is the head of the Dubai Cultural Council, recently reorganized as the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority.

In 2011 Al Murr was appointed to the Federal National Council's 15th Chapter as a representative of the Emirate of Dubai, and elected uncontested as Speaker. He served as the speaker from 2011 to 2015.

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