Ecozoe Biodegradable Drinking Straws - 100 pcs - 9mm x 210mm, for Juice - BLACK - individually Wrapped

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"ECOZOE - Biodegradable Drinking Straws
Ecozoe - Biodegradable Drinking Straws are 100% plant based , biodegradable straws, without the use of any artificial chemicals.
These are economical and available in different sizes to sui different applications like Juices, Thickshakes, Bubble Tea etc.
SUSTAINABILITY : Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable, Gluten free, Vegan, Home compostable
PLANT BASED STRAWS : ECOZOE straws are made from 100% plant based , natural materials , giving you an unique experience of sipping your drinks thru a food-straw unlike the paper or plastic straws that gives a foreign material feel.
REPLACING PLASTIC : ECOZOE straws are developed as a replacement of harmful sinlge use plastic straws helping to make the environment safer for humans and non-humans alike.
TURTLE FRIENDLY : ECOZOE straws are made from 100% plant based, natural materials without the use of any chemicals, making it Turtle friendly and helping SAVE THE OCEANS movement.
HOME & MARINE COMPOSTABLE : These straws are both Home compostable and Marine Compostable.
Biodegrade Naturally in approx 90 days. No industrial composting requried.
CIRCULAR ECONOMY & ZERO WASTE: ECOZOE straws, after use as straw, can also be used as animal feed leaving no waste and thereby promoting circular economy.
Leaving no waste and thereby promoting circular economy.
INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED : Each Straw is individually wrapped to give you a super hygenic experience
ECONOMICAL : All ECOZOE products are reasonablly priced to make it affordable for everyone, unlike the usual eco-friendly products which are priced way higher.
STANDING TIME : ECOZOE Biodegradable Straws have a standing time of 2hours in normal to cold drinks.
SIZE : Available in two sizes, 9.00mm X 210mm and 13.00mm X 200mm

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