Goosebumps - Horror at camp jellyjam

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Big Kids-Juvenile Fiction

Scholastic-R.L. Stine


128 pages

Book Description
Swimming, basketball, archery. King Jelly Jam sports camp has it all. Too bad Wendy isn't a sports freak like her brother, Eliot but how excited can you get over a game of softball? It's just a game, right? Wrong. Because Camp Jelly Jam is no ordinary sports camp and Wendy's about to find out why. Why the counselors seem a little to happy, a little too obsessed with winning and why the ground is always rumbling late at night.

Why is Tim Jacobus R.L. Stine's favorite illustrator? Maybe because they've done so many scary books together. Tim did the cover paintings for more than 80 Goosebumps books, as well as the six amazing Amazon books. Recently, the two of them got together and asked the questions they've always wanted to ask each other...

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