Guzzling Jelly with Giant Gorbelly

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Little Kids-Early Chapter Books



96 pages

Book Description
Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of John Rice's poems, which are packed with lambs who have laptops, cats who chat and, of course, giants! There is also some wise advice about wolves and instructions on how to build a castle in the woods. This is a glorious collection of John Rice's wonderfully varied and always brilliant verse. A minute to midnight A minute to midnight and all is still except for the things that are moving. Like, for example, rivers, clouds, leaves, flags, creaky windmills, lungs, birds' feathers, digital clocks, grass, the wind, non-sleeping animals (especially wolves), planet Earth, the moon, satellites in space, toenails (well they grow, don't they), videos that are set to record programmes in the middle of the night, washing lines, mobiles above babies' cots -- and babies' eyelids, they always flicker.

John G. Rice is Chair of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Committee and Trustee on the Emory University Board. He is vice chair of GE and president and CEO of GE Infrastructure. This business segment includes Energy, Aviation, Rail, Oil and Gas, Water, Energy Financial Services, and Aviation Financial Services.

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