Icky Doo Dah, The Fairground Fiasco

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Little Kids-Illustrated Books

Simon Murray


36 pages

Book Description
Icky Doo Dah' is a mischievous tale of a fun loving creature, who loves to cause chaos and havoc around Copperpot Farm - destroying everything in sight! Yet somehow, he always seems to get away with it.

Adventurer and businessman Simon Murray. As a teenager, nursing a broken heart and determined to prove himself, he joined the French Foreign Legion. Fighting in the Algerian war, he risked his life many times over; combat was at close quarters and was very bloody.

Next, he set his sights on business - he ran some of the most well-known companies in South East Asia and was one of Chris Patten's key allies during the handover of Hong Kong. Then, in his 60s and looking for a new challenge, he chanced upon the idea of polar adventure, and went on to become the oldest person to walk unsupported to the South Pole. But after all this, his greatest achievement, he says, is his marriage. Perhaps it's no surprise that his wife of 43 years, Jennifer, is the first woman to have flown a helicopter solo around the world

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