LiZZOM Ultra thin Large Pads with wings (10 pc)

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(Available in individual packs
and saver packs of 2 and 3)

Ideal for

Perfectly fit for young girl
Provides protection from common period problems like itching and irritation.
Our signature Ultrathin pads are feather light with safety of certified
chemical free, organic materials. Pads are so light that you will not even
feel like you are wearing one and hence suitable for all modern and traditional body fit dresses and jeans

. Ideal for teenage and women who like thinner and lighter pads.
Our Ultrathin pads are bio degradable made from a natural
, plastic free vegan materials.

Natural ingredients make our pads not just good for your wellbeing but also for the environment. Bamboo Corn fiber is antibacterial, soft, silky, more absorbent, and
breathable than cotton.
Its natural antimicrobial bio - agents help reduce
bacteria and odor for a rash -free and healthier life. Suitable for all skin
types and all ages.

Chemical Free

Dry feel

Plastic free

Fragrance and Dioxin Free

Superior Absorption

Antibacterial Corn and Bamboo


Our choices have led us to believe that what’s good for us has to
be good for environment and also for our society. With every sale
of 1 packet of LiZZOM, we share 1 pad with underprivileged girls
and make their lives a bit easier, happier, and healthier.

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