Merlin the Magic Puppy

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Book Description
Merlin, a mischievous black Labrador puppy, is thrust into an enchanted world where all his make-believe and playful dreams become a reality thanks to his magical red collar. He's joined in his wild adventures by his glamorous canine friend Kizzie and other inhabitants of Sandybay Harbour, including the lazy hedgehog Reg The Hedge; Gull, the surly seagull and Oscar the smart ginger cat who takes every opportunity to land Merlin in heaps of trouble with the harbour residents. Merlin listens in on one of Mr Pickle's fantastic sea-faring tales...the day the ocean froze over! Now, for a young puppy this sounds like great fun and Merlin is anxious to use his magical collar to taste snow and ice for the first time. The fact that he has also just met Kizzie for the first time (Miss Parkway's good-looking Ladbrador) leads to a re-incarnation of Torville and Dean's Bolero...only Merlin gets a little over excited and soon everyone on the frozen lake is at risk. Merlin's efforts at making a cool first impression leave him getting the cold shoulder.

In 1989, Merlin creator Keith Littler got his first break in children's television when he was commissioned to create music and effects tracks for Casper The Friendly Ghost. The success of this series led to the creation of his studio and the opportunity to work on many major children's series including Albert the 5th Musketeer (BBC); Hairy Jeremy (BBC); Barney (HIT Entertainment); Watership Down (ITV) and The Magic Roundabout (Cartoon Network). In 1997, the studio moved into producing its own programmes winning the Golden Pulcinella for Billy (ITV) in 1999 and an ITV commission for Merlin the Magical Puppy in December of the same year. Merlin the Magical Puppy is the fourth series Keith has written and produced.

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