Organic Vitamin C Facial Serum - Brightens Skin, Protects from Sun Damage (10 ml/ 0.33 oz)

Vaadi HerbalsSKU: VH69
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The high quality natural ingredients in this formulation help to lighten the skin complexion and protect it to restore healthy glow and radiance. This unique combination has antioxidants that enhance the skin texture to give a smooth and spotless clarity to the face, and promotes collagen formation after just a few applications. Each bottle of 10 ml contains 280 drops. With the usage of 4 drops per application, this bottle will last for 70 applications.

Benefits -
Deeply hydrates skin, Combats pigmentation, Brightens skin, lightens complexion, Protects skin from sun damage

Ingredients :
Orange, Carrot Seed, Mulberry and Turmeric

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