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Little Kids-Illustrated Books

Sterling- Reading Ladder


28 pages

Book Description
These are some of the classic tales for children and have been graded into 6 levels. The levels are also clubbed into Read Aloud, Read With and Read Alone. Each step has the suitable theme and number of words to suit the learning abilities of children according to their ages. This enables children to achieve linguistic and literary fluency, develop critical reading skills and self confidence. questions for review have been added to the end of the story, along with the important words form the text. A special feature is the witty illustrations and a focus on language play, so that the mastery of language is accelerated by the fun element.

Michael Bruce Sterling is an American science-fiction author known for his novels and short fiction and editorship of the Mirrorshades anthology. In particular, he is linked to the cyberpunk subgenre. Sterling's first science-fiction story, Man-Made Self, was sold in 1976.

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