Postman Pat, The Magician

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Little Kids-Illustrated Books

Simon and Schuster


22 pages

Book Description
It's Meera's birthday - and while her mum has organised a disco, she hasn't been able to find a magician to complete the celebrations. Well, that's what Meera thinks. Little does she know that Postman Pat is secretly hard at work practising his magic tricks to get them ready in time for the party. With the help of Ted and Ajay (and some sparkly sequins sewn on to his spare uniform), Pat the Magician is planning to be the star attraction. He eventually manages to stop dropping the cards instead of shuffling them, and he even gets to grips with his magic wand. But will he be able to pull of the grand finale - Jess and the Box of Mystery?

Alison Ritchie works as a freelance editor and writer and has published several children's books. She lives in a village in Oxfordshire with her two children and dog.

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