Princess are Pretty

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Toddlers-Picture Story Books

Marks & Spencer


29 pages

Book Description
Three princess friends, Susie, Sarah, and Polly, have adventures during playtime, including searching for their lost cat, staying awake to watch the stars, and learning how to share.

Kate Locke is one of six nom de plumes of a Canadian-born author, born in 1971,[1] who also goes by the names Kate Cross, Kady Cross, Kathryn Smith, Kate Kessler and Kate McLaughlin depending on the genre she writes.

Smith's earliest novels were paranormal romances in an historical setting, written under the name Kathryn Smith. She then turned to writing steampunk for young adults as Kady Cross and steampunk romances as Kate Cross. The Immortal Empire series, set in an alternate steampunk London, was published as Kate Locke and categorised as urban fantasy. It is unclear which, if any, is her 'real' name (maiden or married), and which are fictional, however the copyright statement in all her books is assigned to Kathryn Smith.

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