The Apothecary's Daughter

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Patricia Schonstein



Book Description
A nobleman and his wife, an apothecary nun, an astronomer-mathematician, an inquisitor, a poet who is both lover and villain, a portraitist, a queen and loyal servants deftly act out a beautiful drama of tantalizing relationships. They take up their roles in castle and convent, some surrounded by ornate interiors, garbed in velvets and silks, garlanded with precious jewels; while others abide in simple space devoid of art or representation, and dressed in plain linens and dull calicos. "The Apothecary's Daughter" is a wondrous tale, rendered in erotic prose and poetry, stitched through with rich imagery, humour and tenderness. A universal story of inquisition, book burning, persecution and intolerance of new knowledge, it also depicts trade and exotic travel, both across the surface of the earth and among the stars.

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