The Canterville Ghost

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Big kids-Juvenile Fiction

Oscar Wilde


74 pages

Book Description
The Canterville Ghost is a short humorous novel that is different from the usual scary ghost books. An esteemed American family moves into a British traditional mansion which is the haunted home of Sir Simon, not believing in the warnings given by Lord Canterville. He is sad and frustrated that they have moved into his home. The ghost makes all the possible efforts to frighten the family with bloodstains, noises, and other tricks but fails and ends up in making a mockery of himself. The novel gives readers a taste of the stereotypes of both the American and British culture. American consumerism and the love they have for their products is very evident in the book.

Full of drama, entertainment, and giggles The Canterville Ghost is witty and sarcastic, with a strangely lovable ghost and his different shades and moods.

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