What Colour is Love

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Toddlers-Picture Story Books

Linda Stracham and David Wojtowycz


32 pages

Book Description
A little elephant wanders through the jungle wondering what colour love could be. Is it pink? he asks the flamingo. Is it yellow? he asks the lion. But of course there is only one person who really knows the answer, and that's Mum! A wonderful book about colour - and love! - with brilliantly vibrant illustrations.

Linda Strachan used to be a librarian and is a published children's author. This is her first picture book for Bloomsbury. Linda lives in East Lothian, Scotland. David Wojtowycz is a talented illustrator. He is well-known for the PURPLE RONNIE cards - and also for his bestselling picture books, which include RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE and COMMOTION IN THE OCEAN. He has also illustrated ONCE UPON AN ANIMAL and TEACHER ALLIGATOR, poetry collections by Faustin Charles, for Bloomsbury. David lives in London.

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