William & Catherine The Royal Wedding Album

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Ian Lloyd/Carltonbooks


144 pages

Book Description
This lavishly illustrated book offers a complete view of the love story that has burgeoned over the last six years between Prince William and Catherine Middleton. With a look at the two central figures and how they came to meet, plus their courtship, the book moves on to cover the announcement of their engagement and how William and Catherine's lives have begun to change. The greater part of the book is devoted to the wedding: images will recall every step of the processions to the Abbey, the arrival of the groom and his supporter - his brother Prince Harry - plus the guests, heads of state, members of the royal houses of Europe and, of course, the members of the UK's Royal Family. Beautiful images will capture the arrival of the bridesmaids and pageboys and, finally, the bride herself. Capturing the key moments of the ceremony itself, the book will follow the carriage procession back to Buckingham Palace where the couple and their families are expected to make appearances on the famous balcony where over 30 years ago Prince William's parents made their own wedding-day appearance. The stage is set for a truly memorable occasion.

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